Madelyns WaddingtonShot 298 at DetroitArchers, Tri County Shoot​

Coach John Tam top 10- #8 Nationals NFAA,
and shooter Tony Leger
#2 Nationals NFAA Pro Division!

Super JOB by these two archers!
Lucianamarie Zaniriccitook 3rd in in the Nation for the- 2017 indoor target Nationals for  S3DA in Cincinnati for elementary female traditional recurve!
Thomas Rappoletook 3rd in in the Nation for the 2017 indoor target Nationals for S3DA in Cincinnati for high school male traditional recurve!

2017 TRI County Indoor NFAA 
Tony Leger1st place PMFSLR
Bob Navarro1st place AMBHFS
Mark Oliver2nd place  AMBHFS
John Tam 1st place  AMFSLR
Nick Di Cresce2nd place  SMFS
James McDavitt2nd place  SSMFS
Christian Prince3rd place  YMFS
Otto Oliver2nd place  YMBHFS
Alexander Pahnke3rd place  YMBHFS
Simon Kozak  1st place  CMFS
Julian Leo1st place  CMBHFS
Jack Gentz2nd place  CMBHFS
Lilly Cusumano2nd place  AFFS
Jennifer Lukas1st place  AFFS
Alena Lowery1st place  YFBHFS
Olivia Rowe 2nd place  YFBHFS
Sonja Richard3rd place  YFBHFS
Madison Lukas1st place  YFFSLR
Kennedy Rafferty2nd place  CFFS
Luciana Marie Zaniricc1st place  CFBB
Kayla Chimiel 2nd place  CFBB
Julianna Lukas3rd place  CFBB
Madelyn Waddington1st place  CFBHFS

MET FITA 2017 Lincoln Bowmen
Cub Female Freestyle:  
  Kennedy Rafferty1st place
  Madelyn Waddington3rd place
Cub Male Freestyle: 
  Simon Kozak 3rd place
Cub Male Freestyle Limited Recurve: 
  Christian Loeffler 1st place
Youth Female Bowhunter Freestyle:  
  Olivia Rowe1st place

2017 SAM JOAD state shoot
 Olivia Rowe1st place Female compound cub
Logan Tacker2nd place Male recurve cub (DA)
Sonja Richard3rd place Female compound cub
Andrew Pahnke3rd place Male Compound Yeomen
Madelyn Waddington3rd place Female Compound Bowmen
Simon Kozak  3rd place Male compound Bowmen
Madison Lukas3rd place Female recurve cub

Motor City Archers